This is a D&D 3.5/homebrew campaign. The primary campaign is my home tabletop campaign. The beta campaign is being run through Roll20.net as a virtual tabletop game for friends and gamers around the country/world using the same world as my home game.

Application for the Roll20 game should be done through a PM to me (Havster) through the Roll20.net system.

The Set-Up

Characters start at 2nd level in a traditional small city. There is no zombie-plague yet, though players are encouraged to design their characters with the future in mind. When the Affliction happens, characters will be thrown together as survivors.

*NOTE: Much of the site has information from the Alpha campaign— I’ve tried to draw a line and am asking beta-campaign players NOT to read the Alpha-campaign information

BETA CAMPAIGN, when it starts, will be listed FIRST (as this is where I expect most of my Beta Players to get their information) ALPHA CAMPAIGN is listed BELOW, as the Alpha-campaign is a face-to-face tabletop game, and most of those players get their information at the table.

I’ll try making information CHARACTER SPECIFIC when I get around to upgrading to Ascendant level…


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