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To see what has transpired in the campaign, see History of the End of the World.

Characters start in the town of Siltrest

The party begins aware of the DWARVES IN THE MOUNTAINS to the N, the ELVES IN THE WOODS to the S/SW, the LIZARDFOLK throughout the swamps to the SE, and settled farms and plantations to the N/NW, with occassional ORCISH threats from the NNW plains. East, the Dagger Sea proceeds with its tip at northern Ice Mountains and its pommel shattering the Ocean of Islands at its southern end.

Most of the civilized word lives to the South along the coast, extending further inland the further south one travels to the tip of the peninsula and back up the other side again. Siltrest is the northernmost point on the eastern side and much further north than any ‘civilized’ colony of any measurable size on the west coast.

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